Exclusively made to play Senku

Timer 100 seconds

Challenge 0 seconds

Life 2 remaining

How to play ?

Welcome to the Senku online game! To play, click on a green marble to select it, then click on an empty hole to move it. The goal is to eliminate as many green marbles as possible until one marble remains.

Senku Solution

Click for a video solution !


Senku, a captivating and brain-teasing puzzle game, is available online for free. It utilizes a board with marbles, featuring one empty slot. The objective is to eliminate marbles by jumping them over adjacent ones, similar to checkers. This online version allows players to enjoy it conveniently from any device. The challenge lies in finding a solution that leaves only one marble on the board. Senku offers a mentally stimulating experience, providing cost-free access to an engaging game that tests logic and strategic thinking, delivering a rewarding sense of accomplishment upon successful completion. It's a perfect pastime for those seeking an intellectually stimulating gaming experience.

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