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This level puzzles are called in numerous names such as Peg solitaire, Solo noble, Marble solitaire, Brainvita, Solitaire, Hi-q, Marble board game, Senku, French solitaire, Chinese checkers or European Peg solitaire etc on different locations.

Level Gameplay 🧠: This game consists of pegs or marbles in the hole which are arranged in the order and the player should remove each peg by swiping over adjacent hole of another peg and the goal is to remove all the pegs and finally one peg should be remaining. Sometimes there will be many possibility of completing the peg solitaire game based on the puzzle.

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Peg solitaire game

Peg solitaire history

Peg solitaire game is founded in 16th century and these games are called in numerous names such as peg solitaire, solo noble, marble solitaire, brainvita, solitaire, hi-q, marble board game, marble solitaire, French solitaire, Chinese checkers or European peg solitaire. The marble solitaire is simple and can be played by one individual.

Brainvita Game

Brainvita, also known as Peg Solitaire, is a single-player board game that involves moving pegs around a board. The goal is to remove as many pegs as possible, ideally leaving just one peg.

The game is typically played on a board with holes for pegs. Pegs can jump over adjacent pegs, similar to checkers, and the jumped peg is removed. The game requires critical thinking and strategy to solve.

If you're interested in playing Brainvita, you can play solo goli. It's a great way to challenge your mind and have fun!

Marble solitaire strategy

Peg solitaire is also called as marble solitaire because the material used is marble sphere solid placed in the holes of the board and the game strategy is to remove all marbles by making valid move.

Solitaire marbles solution

In order to find the peg solitaire solution the user should mainly focus on reachability of the marble or peg. The point is that user should always have a plan to remove peg which should not be separated completely. A thorough analysis of the Peg solitaire game is known. This analysis introduced a notion called pagoda function which is a strong tool to show the infeasibility of a given, generalized, peg solitaire, problem. A solution for finding a pagoda function, which demonstrates the infeasibility of a given problem, is formulated as a linear programming problem and solvable in polynomial time. A paper in 1990 dealt with the generalized Hi-Q problems which are equivalent to the peg solitaire problems and showed their NP-completeness. A 1996 paper formulated a peg solitaire problem as a combinatorial optimization problem and discussed the properties of the feasible region called 'a solitaire cone'. In 1999 peg solitaire was completely solved on a computer using an exhaustive search through all possible variants. It was achieved making use of the symmetries, efficient storage of board constellations and hashing. In 2001 an efficient method for solving peg solitaire problems was developed. An unpublished study from 1989 on a generalized version of the game on the English board showed that each possible problem in the generalized game has 29 possible distinct solutions, excluding symmetries, as the English board contains 9 distinct 3×3 sub-squares. One consequence of this analysis is to put a lower bound on the size of possible "inverted position" problems, in which the cells initially occupied are left empty and vice versa. Any solution to such a problem must contain a minimum of 11 moves, irrespective of the exact details of the problem. It can be proved using abstract algebra that there are only 5 fixed board positions where the game can successfully end with one peg

Game of puzzle

User can experience an ad free elite gameplay in solo goli mobile game with lot of puzzles to solve hence this game is called as game of puzzle which can help a human brain to think deep and increase the memory power and problem solving capacity of the brain.

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